• New workers entering the work force
  • Persons  Responsible for the Safety and Health
  • Worker’s  representative, Stress, Mobbing
  • First Aid in case of accident
  • Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Coordinator for Safety and Health Matters at the Project Execution Stage
  • Forklift driver,  Crane Operator, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Health and Safety at Workplace

  • Assumption of Company Responsibility for Prevention and Protection Services.
  • Establishing the General Risks Assessment Document
  • Establishing the Specific Risks Assessment Document
  • Establishing the Unique Assessment Document for the Interference Risks
  • Establishing of the Technical Report of Fire Protection
  • Establishing of the Emergency and Evacuation Plan
  • Establishing of Material Safety Data Sheets

Occupational Medicine

  •  Assumption of the Role  of Company Doctor
  • General and Specialized Medical Examinations
  • Inspection of the workplaces and establishing the sanitary protocol
  • Establishing the Healthcare Cards
  • Managing the relations  with State Inspection Authorities

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