What do we offer in detail?:

Environment (V. K.M. nr.207, date 9.5.2002 e V. K.M. Nr.513, date 30.7.2004, VKM nr. 587 date 07.07.2010,  Law Nr.9774, date 12.7.2007, Law Nr.10 448, date 14.7.2011 for Environmental License and Law Nr. 10 431, date 9.6.2011 for the environmental protection as amended by Law Nr. 31 date 14.2.2013,  Law  Nr. 10 440, date 7.7. 2011 for the Environmental  Impact Assessment  and Law nr. 91, date 28.2.2013 Strategic Assessment)

  • Obtaining permission to start the activities.
  • Preparation and submission of documentation to the Labour Inspectorate to obtain the permission for starting the activity.
  • Waste Management according to the European Waste Code.
  • Filling out of the Unique Form of the Waste Annual Declaration.
  • Assessment of the external environmental noise.
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Environmental permits: emissions to air, ground and surface waters.

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