Care of health at workplace

Occupational Medicine: what do we offer in detail?:

Company doctor and  health monitoring (VKM 692 date 13.12.2001 amended from VKM 742 date 06.11.2003):

Take-charge of the of the company doctor with the following tasks:

  • advises employer on the labor protection issues, on the avoiding of the accidents and the occupational diseases, as well as to all matters of health and safety protection at work
  • assesses the physiology on the labor issues, the hygienic and sanitary problems, especially the rhythm of working time, the organization of the workplace, ecct.
  • recommends the change of the employee workplace for reintegration of the disabled in the work process and the patients with occupational diseases, as well as studying the causes of accidents at work and occupational diseases, proposing measures to avoid them
  • controls admission to the work of the employees in accordance with the medical report issued by the medical legal commission, according to health skills for specific working process, and organizes health periodic examination,  for all employees, once in 6 months
  • follows, repeatedly, chronically ills, makes consultations with family physicians and other expert physicians
  • consegna al datore di lavoro, alla cessazione dell’incarico, la documentazione sanitaria in suo possesso, nel rispetto della legge sulla Privacy;
  • cooperates with the doctor of occupational diseases and clinical departments of occupational diseases, for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with occupational diseases
  • fills out the register of the work temporary  incapacity, of the accident at work and occupational diseases, and, in “cooperation with the employer, denounces to the Inspectorate of Labour  the cases of accidents and occupational diseases”

In addition to above the company doctor that we offer you undertakes:

  • inspection of the workplace and sanitary protocol compilation
  • keeping Healthcare Cards

Supply of aid emergency package or first aid case

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