Introduction: VKM nr. 312 of 5 May 2010 sets out the minimum occupational safety and health requirements for temporary or mobile construction sites, emphasizing, inter alia, the tasks of the Safety Coordinator at the design and implementation stage. Through this course, it is intended to create these figures in construction companies as necessary figures for conducting safety works on temporary and mobile construction sites. The lectures of this course are also useful for other figures of the enterprise such as that of the Works Administrator, Site Manager, Works Supervisor, etc.

To whom it is addressed: The course is addressed to all interested persons appointed or seeking to work as Safety Coordinators in the Implementation and Design Phase and to all persons who deal with occupational safety and health issues on behalf of investors in projects of construction.

Objective: To give the interested figures competence on safety measures on construction sites in general.

Course Duration: 120 hours

Content: The course provides basic information on the requirements of Albanian legislation (VKM no. 312 dated 5/5/2010) and European norms in the field of Occupational Safety and Health, will treat in detail the legal obligations and how to meet and implement them in the field by the Safety Coordinator in order for every activity to take place in a safe and healthy working environment.

The course is based on the best experiences of companies in the European Union in this field.

Course development methodology: In order to maintain a high level of attention of the participants throughout the training course as well as to promote the acquisition of arguments, will be given space the interactive methods between the participants even with the solution of concrete cases on security in companies brought by the trainees themselves.

At the end of the course, there will be a verification of the level of acquisition.

Certificate: Energy Plus Albania licensed (License NLC, Code X.2.B, No. LN-8413-08-2014) by QKL and approved by the relevant ministry, after successfully passing the written test, provide trainees with a Certificate valid for 5 (five) years.

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