Introduction: According to article 11, point 1, letter b) of law 10237/2010, the employer organizes appropriate training for employees, in this case for work at height. The course provides basic information on the requirements of the Albanian legal framework and European standards in the field of Occupational Safety and Health, training on the use of protective equipment and equipment used for safety at work at height, scaffolding, stairs, lifting platforms, etc., for preventing, stopping and eliminating falls from heights.

To whom it is addressed: Toworkers, managers, and persons in charge of work involving the risk of falling from above (work at height). The course is also valid for Occupational Safety and Health Officers, Site Safety Coordinators, Site Managers, etc.

Objective: Training the staff who carries out or supervises work at height with particular regard to the safe use of personal protective equipment (harnesses, fall arrest devices, etc.), also regarding examples attributable to real risk situations.

Course Duration: 8 hours

Contents: Theoretical part – Legal framework on safety and health at work, the dynamics of the fall and preventive measures, risk identification, selection of control and protection systems, selection, use and correct conservation of PMI used for safety at work at height, etc.

Practical part: methods, techniques, and operating procedures – Analysis and collective comments on the practice performed, etc.The course is based on the best experiences of companies in the European Union in this field.

Course development methodology: Lecture in the classroom, using multimedia tools and practical tests. The course will be conducted with interactive methodologies, to involve the trainees, to encourage their interest, to encourage discussion with practical cases from their experience.

Certificate: After successfully passing the written test, trainees will have a Certificate, according to the license issued by the QKL and approved by the relevant ministry (QKL License No. LN-8413-08-2014).

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