Introduction: Law nr. 10237/2010, Art. 8, point 1. letter ç) states that the Employer trains the persons who will carry out the evacuation and rescue and ensures, through trained persons, the realization of evacuation and rescue, firefighting, and providing first aid with the equipment necessary. All employees who are members of the emergency team will receive appropriate training through special courses. The content of these training courses is related to the type of activity and the level of fire risk (low risk, medium risk, or high risk activities).

To whom it is addressed: The course is addressed to all employees, members of the Fire-Fighting team, and the responsible personnel of the emergency team in all companies/public and private institutions, who according to the Albanian legislation, must be trained and equipped with a certificate.

Objective: To acquire the necessary knowledge to fulfill the task of a member of the fire protection team

Duration: 4-8 hours

Content: The course provides basic information on the requirements of the legal framework for Fire Protection, tasks of the Fire-Fighting team, the necessary knowledge/procedures to be followed in case of fire, knowledge of portable fire extinguishers, theoretical exercises & practical for firefighting.

The course is based on the best experiences of European Union companies in this field.

Course development methodology: To enable the achievement of the desired objectives, especially in terms of interaction with trainees, all trainees will be included in the practical test.

Certificate: After successfully passing the written test, trainees will have a Certificate, according to the license issued by the QKL and approved by the relevant ministry (QKL License No. LN-8413-08-2014).

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